Getting Started in Lord of Dice

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First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to download and play Lord of Dice!

This guide will cover the basics of getting started in Lord of Dice and explain all the features that are currently available. If you'd like to see other guides on other aspects of Lord of Dice, comment below and let us know!

What is Lord of Dice?

Lord of Dice is a mobile game that combines Trading Card Game elements and Board Game mechanics into a strategic RPG. Players will utilize a 'Master' character to control up to 6 'Dicer' heroes at a time to navigate through each stage. Each Dicer card has 1 of 6 different attack types and has a set 'Move' value that determines how many spaces the Master can move on the board.

What are Dicers?

Dicers are said to be legendary heroes that have forgotten their memory. In Lord of Dice, the Master utilizes the power of the Dicers to attack and move.

All Dicers have the following attributes:

  • Move Value - Determines how many spaces the Master can move (1-6). This value is random for each Dicer.

  • Attack Type - Determines how the Dicer will attack (see the Attack Types below). Each Dicer has a set Attack Type.

  • Dice Type - Determines the type of Dice that's rolled during a Dice Battle. Each Dicer has a set Dice Type.

  • Charge Point - A special ability that charges up every turn. A Blue charge point value will increase the chance of higher dice rolls during a Dice Battle and a Red charge point value will increase the Dicer's attack when fully charged.

  • Skills - Each Dicer has 3 unique abilities. These abilities can be unlocked as you evolve and grow the Dicer.

Dicers also come with a 'Star' rating that determines the rarity of the Dicer. Dicer's that are summoned can range between a natural 3★ Dicer to a 5★ Dicer.

Notice anything different between the appearance of the 3★ and 4★ Dicers compared with the 5★ Dicer? The 3★ and 4★ Dicers are creatures whereas the 5★ Dicer appears as a human. As Dicers level and grow, you can help them restore their memory and evolve them into their true selves.

Which leads us to strengthening your Dicers. There are currently 2 different ways to power-up and grow your Dicers:

  • Level-Up: Leveling up a Dicer will increase the Dicer's level. The Dicer's max level will increase depending on its Evolution state and Awakening state (specifically for +6 Awakening). Leveling up a Dicer will increase its stats.

  • Evolve: Evolving a Dicer will increase their ★ value, their ATK stat, their MAX level value and unlock additional skills . In order to Evolve a Dicer, you must reach the Dicer's MAX level first. Evolution requires a specific amount of Evolution Materials which can be obtained in specific stages of the Infinity Tower or through an Evolution Star.

  • Awaken: Awakening a Dicer will drastically increase their stats and change their Awakening state (displayed as colors added to their ★ value). Awakening a Dicer requires Memory Powder (which can be obtained by salvaging other Dicers) as well as sacrificial Dicers or Awakening Jellies. Depending on the type of Dicer or Jelly that's used, the change of Awakening the Dicer will increase or decrease.

    • +0 Awakening: Yellow ★'s
    • +1 Awakening: 1 Purple ★
    • +2 Awakening: 2 Purple ★'s
    • +3 Awakening: 3 Purple ★'s
    • +4 Awakening: 4 Purple ★'s
    • +5 Awakening: 5 Purple ★'s
    • +6 Awakening: 6 Purple ★'s
    • Limit Break: Rainbow ★'s

What are the different attack types?

The attack types in Lord of Dice can be seen in the image below. Each attack type has a unique purpose and must be strategically used to maximize the damage output or Master placement during your turn.

  • Melee Attack Type: Will move up to 6 spaces (depending on your Dicer's Move value) until you encounter an enemy. If an enemy is encountered, you will stop moving on the tile in front of the enemy to attack.

  • Piercer Attack Type: Will first attack up to 4 tiles in front of you before moving.

  • Magic Attack Type: Will first attack the 6 tiles (3x2) in front of your Master before moving.

  • Whirlwind Attack Type: Will first attack the 8 tiles around your Master before moving.

  • Sniper Attack Type: Will first attack the tiles that are 4-5 spaces away before moving.

  • Bomber Attack Type: Will first attack the 7 (1x3x3) tiles directly behind your Master before moving.

What are Masters?

A Master is the main character or hero you use on your journey in Lord of Dice. The Master will use the power of the Dicers to move throughout the stage and attack. There are 4 different Masters to select from initially:

Each of these Masters have a powerful and unique skill that can change the tides of battle. This skill can be upgraded through the Master menu using Rainbow Shards and Medals. When a Master's skill is used, you will not move on the board and the skill will be used in your current location.

Masters can also equip runes to further boost their strength in battle. There are a total of 5 rune slots and each slot has a specific rune type that can be equipped.

Lastly, Masters have different 'Critical' and 'Counter' stats. The Critical and Counter stats will only appear during a 'Dice Battle'.

What is a Dice Battle?

A Dice Battle occurs when you move with your Dicer and end up landing on the same tile as an enemy. During a Dice Battle, each Dicer's dice type will come into play and will determine which dice is thrown. Both you and the enemy will select 3 Dicers to use during the Dice Battle and the player who rolls the highest combined dice value will win.

When you're out of options, sometimes it's best to initiate a Dice Battle as a last resort! Believe in your Dicers and the dice they hold!


  • What does it mean to “Limit Break?” For the last awakening?
  • @spookye After you get your dicer to +6 awakening (6 purple stars) you awaken again using a duplicate dicer then your dicer will have a new animated form and max lv gets to 45

  • @Ainsworth I’m pretty sure that you get to max 45 on +6. Getting Limit Break allows for an additional use in breakthrough.
  • What are the memory shards for?
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